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Yoga for every body

rachel estapa

Let’s face it: Yoga can be intimidating. It’s fine for people with bendy frames, but what about the rest of us — those of us who might not be in shape, who might feel a bit self-conscious collapsing into downward dog, who might not be able to stand on one foot for more than a millisecond? Take refuge with Movement for Every Body at Somerville’s Arts at the Armory. The 2.5-hour workshop takes place on May 15, hosted by Kripalu yoga teacher Rachel Estapa and self-esteem writer-activist Ragen Chastain. Estapa also runs More to Love, low-key yoga classes that focus on self-acceptance. You’ll dance, do gentle yoga, and enjoy relaxation exercises. Workout gear from SewnDesigns — with creations that flatter all body types — will also be on sale. The workshop starts at 3 p.m.; tickets are $50. The peace of mind that comes from feeling confident during a bridge pose? Priceless. The class is open to all ages and abilities. Register at 191 Highland Ave., Somerville, 617-718-2191

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