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Justin Bieber climbs a tree in Boston

We learned Tuesday that Justin Bieber had an unusual ritual before taking the Boston stage: He enjoys walking barefoot through the Public Garden, trailed by a bodyguard bearing his shoes. The next day, however, a stroll through the spring grass didn’t quite do the trick. Nope, on Wednesday afternoon, just hours before his second concert at the TD Garden, the Biebs hoisted himself up into a tree, straddled a large branch, and appeared to commune with . . . something. Was it nature? Squirrels? His tattoo artist? We can’t be sure. But the shade-wearing pop star sat with his arms extended skyward and then appeared to do a bit of stretching, all caught on video posted on TMZ. After complaining that he feels like a “zoo animal,” he can’t be happy that any number of people with smartphones photographed him acting, well, kind of like a zoo animal. But who are we to judge? It’s all working for him. . . . Speaking of Bieber, Jazmin Johnson won the chance of a lifetime to join the pop star onstage Tuesday at TD Garden (see review, below). The 13-year-old Chelsea resident is no stranger to the spotlight — she’s been dancing since she was 2, and usually performs at the Garden with Lil Phunk, the official Celtics junior dance troupe. Johnson’s dance teacher, Reia Briggs-Connor, was at the Bieber concert and was happy to see her student dance. “It was exciting, it was amazing,” she said. “I know it’s just the beginning of many great opportunities for her. I was very proud of her.”


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