An app that’s like Yelp! for parents on the go.

If you’ve ever pushed a double-wide stroller down a narrow South End sidewalk, one, I kind of can’t stand you, and two, you are well aware that some places in the city just aren’t designed for parents.

You probably have a few go-to changing tables hidden here and there around town, or maybe a favorite playground with a particularly strong Wi-Fi signal — but there’s no forum to exchange these tiny discoveries, no real way to map the family-friendly world. A new app called Winnie is trying to change that.

In the simplest terms, Winnie is sort of a Yelp! for parents, helping families on the go locate the most accommodating restaurants, play areas, and time-out spots as determined by other parents. The map is handy, but the real value of Winnie is in the reviews, a sprawling grapevine of stories and first-person experiences that can save families a lot of footwork and frustration.


PRO You can use Winnie to quickly find nearby drive-thrus, private mothers’ rooms, parks with facilities, and more.

CON As with any peer-review service, expect a significant spike in your grain-of-salt intake (tantrums aren’t exclusive to children). And while Winnie can help you find a booth big enough for your triplets, it can’t help you find your triplets.


Michael Andor Brodeur can be reached at mbrodeur@globe.com. Follow him on Twitter @MBrodeur.