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Schilling debuts on radio airwaves with conservatism aplenty

Curt Schilling
Curt SchillingThe Boston Globe/Boston Globe

It was Opening Day for Curt Schilling, as he put it.

The outspoken conservative’s new radio program debuted Saturday morning with the former Red Sox pitcher riffing on a range of topics and taking phone calls. He solidifed the show’s right-leaning reputation when he interviewed Ann Coulter.

Depending on your political leanings, Schilling is either notorious or famous for his outspoken views, and he did not let his listeners down.

His three-hour show allowed plenty of time to remark on the presidential campaign and politics.

An avowed Donald Trump supporter, he told listeners about meeting the Republican presidential nominee. “Knowing Mr. Trump, he is a consensus builder. He is a team builder,” Schilling said.


As for Hillary Clinton: “Do you ever trust Hillary to ever do the right thing?” he asked.

“We’ve gotten where we’ve gotten because we’ve continued to elect politically-entrenched people,” he said.

Schilling’s show is on the Howie Carr Radio Network. Previously, he worked for ESPN but was fired last spring.

He’s said he might throw his hat into the political ring with a run for office, possibly against Senator Elizabeth Warren.

Schilling and his callers spoke about other current issues, including body cameras for police and how police are viewed by the public. They touched on Colin Kaepernick, the San Francisco 49ers quarterback whose kneeled response to the national anthem before a game has become a controversial cultural touch-point. And they spoke about tensions with North Korea and 9/11’s 15th anniversary.

He also talked about the topic of college campuses alerting students to sensitive topics.

“If there’s anything that needs a trigger warning, it’s this show,” he said.