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What Boston’s most fashionable will be wearing this fall

Evan Crothers, wardrobe stylist at Ennis Inc, says bomber jackets will be big this fall, starting with lightweight silky bombers before the cold weather brings on the heavier materials.Pat Greenhouse/Globe Staff/Globe Staff

It’s time to dig your bomber jackets and faux furs out of the closet, folks. We have it on good authority that the ’70s are back this fall, and in a big way. We’re talking bold prints, shiny embellishments, and all things velvet. But don’t just take our word for it. We chatted with local tastemakers about this season’s biggest trends.

Luke Aaron, 32, fashion designer: “Lots of rich layers is what I have seen a lot, and what I did in my own collection for fall. It’s textures on top of other textures, and patterns on top of other patterns. We did a lot of florals mixed with different kinds of brocades and sequins. We did satin textures on top of crepe textures. It’s a layered, rich look.


“I produce my own collection for my store here. It’s always nice to be able to wear things from my collection. I did a men’s jacket that was different fabrics mixed together — like a Japanese cotton with a nice wool twill — and I’ve been wearing that.

“I’m excited by this new store called All Too Human, which was started by people from Riccardi. It looks like they’re trying to do something with art and fashion in the same place. It’s cool to see those things mixed together.”

Lana Barakat, 41, owner of December Thieves: “This season, we got in a great line of things from designers all over the world. The trends really come from people across the globe. Right now I’m loving faux fur bomber jackets from the UK. I just love the variety of texture — some are short-haired, some are long-haired and shaggy. You can wear them day to night and stay super chic.

“Also, backpacks are really big now. I like ones with interesting details like leopard animal print, washed leather with lots of detail, zippers, and leather straps — anything that makes a statement. And they’re not just for students. Absolutely anyone could go for one. People are wearing backpacks to work, and then out at night. It’s very cool but very relevant.”


Kate Brierley, 40, designer at Isoude: “The trends I’m seeing feature amazing layered, tailored looks. The stylish woman today has a lot on her plate. She’s always on the go and wants to look put together and stylish, chic but comfortable. Italian techno wool is amazing for layering. It has give, it doesn’t wrinkle, and it’s perfect for travel.

“An even bigger trend in fashion is the change in inspiration. Trends used to be driven by what’s on the runway, and now women are determining what the trends are. They’re adapting it for their own style and what works for their lives, and that’s really important and is a huge change.

“I’m all about simple wardrobe essentials and quality bones of a wardrobe. There’s something so liberating about simple, versatile, and beautifully made pieces that will last.”

Jay Calderin, 51, founder of Boston Fashion Week: “There are two color stories that I really love, that I thought were very wearable and also kind of fun. For the wearable: shades of blue. Light blues, dark blues, it’s a very cool palette. A trend that I saw a lot of reports on was this dusty pink color with yellow. I just love it. It’s very old fashioned, but people are doing it in a modern, fresh way.


“Everyone is talking about velvet. It’s being used in a romantic way. Some people are calling it Renaissance, some are calling it Victorian, Bohemian, or even Granny-esque. I think it’s all about being rich and having a little flavor of another era, even with the most modern things.

“I found a blue Le Laboureur moleskin work jacket online at Hand-Eye Supply a few weeks ago. I’ve decided to make it part of my BFW 16 uniform as a tribute to the late street style photographer Bill Cunningham. He was a personal and professional hero of mine, and we’ve gone #BLUE4BILL during Boston Fashion Week [Sept. 23-30], changing all our visuals to shades of blue.”

Fashion stylist Michelle Coughlan in a double-belted coat from Marks and Spencer.Michelle Coughlan

Michelle Coughlan, 30, fashion stylist represented by Anchor Artists: “Big trends in outerwear? The puffer is the big piece for fall. The most functionable is the most fashionable. Also, shearling bombers, leather trenches, statement furs. A lot of printed furs — Michael Kors did a floral. There’s a lot of layering outerwear over outerwear. Wearing one, but layering another over the shoulders. That was a big trend on a lot of the runways.

“I’ve been looking for a belted camel coat for a few seasons now. I found one, and I think it’s going to be my statement piece for this season because it’s neutral and it pairs well. . . . It’s a label called Marks and Spencer. I picked it up in Ireland, [but it’s] also available online. It’s collarless and belted, and it’s a midi length. It’s really classic.”


Evan Crothers, 35, wardrobe stylist at Ennis Inc: “There’s a lot going on right now. I think we’re seeing a lot of excess. There’s also minimalism, but it’s done in a different way. It’s not boring. It might just be one piece, but there’s some sort of embellishment, whether it’s a zipper or a cool pocket.

“One [trend] that applies to both men and women is about having that perfect bomber jacket. It’s replaced the moto jacket of the last couple years. You’re going to see everything from lightweight silky bombers to the heavier pieces that can transfer from fall to winter, with shearling details, leather.

“If you’re going through the racks, you can find great pieces at Zara. Especially coats, jackets, accessories such as ties. Zara does a great job of incorporating the trends at an affordable price, and they’re not afraid to go there as far as the fashion cut of it, where H&M might be a bit more conservative when it comes to the men’s [fashion].”

Dunstan DuBique, 37, founder and owner of Handsome Boy Clothing Co.: “We’re a young men’s streetwear-inspired brand, and for the fall, what we’re interested in is not focusing too much on the clothes but focusing on the lifestyle. When it comes to the colder weather, people tend to wear more to keep them warm, so lifestyle items are other ways to express yourself.


“My family came to Massachusetts from the Carribean, so I think when you do high school in New England you get used to the cold pretty quick. As long as you’re prepared for it, you’ll be fine.

“We’re getting satin bomber jackets this season that I’m excited about, and I’m also excited to see where streetwear fashion is going. The style has grown in the past few years and it’s kind of getting to be the norm. My friends wear sneakers and suits to weddings now, and that’s fashionable. It’s not so much frowned upon anymore, it’s acceptable. And that’s cool.”

Nathalie Fanfan, 33, wardrobe stylist and personal shopper: “[The first of] my top three favorites would be the chokers. Those are coming back, which I love. My second would probably be oversize hoodies. I love this because I’m all about being comfortable, especially in the winter, and warm as well. I would say I’m into fur and faux fur. All three of those, whether you’re on a budget or you’re not, you can add your own twist to it, which makes it fun.

“With the hoodies, I would say either going to a vintage shop or your boyfriend or husband’s closet and taking one of their hoodies. Some of my favorite stores to buy some of those things is H&M. If you’re on a budget, you can find a cool hoodie for maybe $30. Newbury Comics is a cool place to buy sweatshirts and stuff with a cool saying on them. And you can check out some of the high-end designers at department stores like Saks or Nordstrom or Barneys.”

Fashion blogger Elissa Garza.Anthony Mastracci

Elissa Garza, 26, fashion blogger at Style Wire: “I love the rich textures that fall brings. This season, I’m seeing a lot of velvet, a lot of embroidery, really sick knits, and really big shawl collars. I love that aesthetic. The chunkier and the more textured, the better.

“I’m a creature of habit, and gray is my favorite color, so any shade of gray or black is my thing. But I see a lot of tan and camel and color blocking this season as well, so I’ll be rocking more neutrals, more shades of tan and cream, too. I think it’s fun to add a pop of color, too, through makeup, nails, and accessories.

“I’m also excited about the comeback of fur. Faux or real, people are flocking to the trend and I’m excited to try it out for myself. Three of my must-haves for this season are: a pair of great leather flats, an awesome shawl collar coat, and a great cashmere sweater.”

Taylor Greeley, 26, wardrobe stylist represented by Team Artist: “I think fall 2016 is about making a statement. The colors are bold. There are a lot of colors derived from the ’70s — burnt oranges, avocado greens, mustard yellows. . . . Embellishments are on [everything from] bags to jackets. It’s all on the details with that, whether it’s buttons on a jacket or tassles and fur on a handbag.

“I just purchased this amazing leather bag. It’s called Vere Verto. It’s a little bucket bag, which can be transformed into a backpack or a crossbody. It’s brown and has these little tassles on it, which is super on trend with the embellishments being on everything. I bought this at La Mia Moda in Andover. That’s definitely a destination spot for anyone in the Boston area.”

Blogger Neha Gandhi shows off a classic trench and metallic booties.Love Playing Dressup

Neha Gandhi, 32, fashion blogger at Loving Playing Dressup: “I’m actually very excited about the comeback of velvet because I have a lot of vintage things from back in the day. The other stuff that I’m seeing a lot is metallic. Specifically shoes, or metallic tones in skirts or sweater patches. I got this pair of metallic booties that are gold and shiny. They are literally stuck to my feet. I’m never going to take them off. [They are] from Topshop.

“Also for fall, trench coats. . . . A classic trench will never lose its appeal.

“I primarily shop at Nordstrom or J.Crew. Those are my top go-tos if it has to be an in-store thing. But I’m a very intense online shopper. Shopbop, Revolve, ASOS, I keep on checking these sites and doing damage there.”

Ashley and Katie Hess, 24, style bloggers at Party of Two:

Katie: “Clothes this season seem to be particularly dramatic and especially attention-seeking. We think it comes as a ‘maximalistic’ response to the minimialism trend that’s been so popularized by brands like Céline and Jil Sander for the past three years. The second part is, in fashion so often inspired by decades past, last year we were especially tuning in to the ‘70s, now we’ve turned the dial a bit and found ourselves on a station playing the ’80s and ’90s. All the decades play into each other as an amalgamation.

“We’re looking at a lot of velvet, silk, statement chokers, platform and chunky-soled boots, which I am excited about. Also, patent leather. Last year was all about suede and fringe, and this year, patent leather is huge. We’re also seeing menswear-inspired looks, but married with lingerie. There’s that aspect of masculinity and femininity combined.”

Ashley: “I love streetwear, so I’m really excited that it’s finally getting the attention it deserves. I hate to bring the Kardashians into this, but the popularity of Kanye and Kim and the crossover between streetwear is getting bigger and bigger, and people are finally giving it credit. I think the biggest takeaway is, personality is huge this season. The more you can make an outfit and look your own, and the more aspects you can bring to it, the better. Then, maximize it.”

Shelly Lamborn from Creative Consignor. Bri Evans

Shelly Lamborn, 52, owner and founder of Creative Consignor: “Everything’s coming back . . . What I’ve found in looking at what’s current right now and what I think is cool is the return of the animal print and the return of the floral print and return of all things sequin. To me, it looks a lot like ’70s rocker style with some sophistication to it. If someone just looked at these things without really thinking about it, it’s like, ‘Are you kidding me? Those things don’t match at all.’ But it all does come together really well. It’s like an amazing salad of floral meets animal print meets leather and we throw it all together and it looks fabulous.

“I’m not so much trying to follow a trend but what looks cool on you as an individual. I think the trend is customization now. I love when people come in and find that one piece that really makes your personality pop.”

Anne Lower, partner at Gordon Lower PR: “I don’t really follow trends per se. I’ve reached a point in my life where I’m pretty convinced of my own style, but I do gradually add to my wardrobe. I have classic pieces that carry me from season to season, and I pick up things that will add to or enhance that foundation. This fall I’m eyeing Prada’s velvet platform sandals as a way to reconsider my pencil and A-line skirts and cropped pants. The heavy volume of the shoe changes the whole proportion of the look and the solid sole makes it easier to maneuver around the city. I also think the combination of chestnut brown and black is really chic.

“To jazz up my uniform of black and navy coats, I’m looking for a few eye-catching brooches, particularly an oversize, bejeweled bug from Patch NYC.

“Beyond that, I’m always looking for a great pair of non-skinny jeans — 100 percent cotton, no stretch, no distressing. Given the sea of choices you’d think it would be easy, but it seems to be my eternal quest.”

Oliver Mak, 37, founding partner at Bodega: “We started off as a sneaker shop and evolved to streetwear and menswear. . . . We’re making huge efforts into figuring out the core of what it is to be streetwear, and this year that means including stuff from cult Japanese labels from Paris and Japan like Undercover, Minotaur, Nonnative, Sasquatchfabrix. Pants are a little bit wider than we’ve seen in the past, trousers are baggier. There’s a lot of layers, colors are muted along nude and off-charcoal colors and tans.

“There’s also a huge emphasis on embellishment with embroidery, and sometimes sequins. It’s that Japanese souvenir-style jackets with mismatching patterns.

“We’re halfway between conceptual runway fashion and straight streetwear now. The lines that were blurred before have been totally co-opted by the other side of the table. You used to see small labels hijacking Louis Vuitton, now you see fashion houses hijacking Thrasher logo.”

Kristen Uekermann, 38, blogger at Boston Fashionista: “For the Boston area, everything has to do with coats. I’m excited about shearling coats in particular. Shearling is so cozy and winter is so terrible here. I’m always looking for a way to be cozy and chic, so bomber jackets are also a must-have for me. Plaid overcoats are also going to be big.

“Also — maybe it’s no surprise since it’s the year of Hillary Clinton — I’m really into pantsuits. J.Crew has really bright printed ones. The best part is that you can wear them together as a complete suit or you can wear them as just a trouser or jacket with basics or jeans and a tee. It’s a really cute look, so thanks, Hillary.

“For shoes, I love loafers for women. It’s such a good trend for Boston girls since we don’t want to be toddling around the cobblestones in stilettos.”

Fashion stylist Tara West in a tweed blazer.Brad Bahner

Tara West, 42, independent fashion stylist: “I think booties are always in, but they’re especially in this season. I like to do the booties with a skinny jean rolled up, a really chunky knit, and a leather jacket. Layering is always good for the fall.

“Another really big trend — really big — is velvet. I think you can dress it up or down. It’s a great addition to your wardrobe. I recently bought velvet booties, which I love. I really love for men — because I dress a lot of men — a velvet blazer. You can do that with jeans and a T-shirt and look more polished, but still casual.”

Interviews were edited and condensed. Sonia Rao and Carly Sitrin can be reached at sonia.rao@globe.com and carly.sitrin@globe.com. Follow them on Twitter at @misssoniarao and @carlysitrin.