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The One Thing

A fashion studio grows in Southie

Scoop neck circle-skirt dress, from $375 at Alice Walk, 423 West Broadway, Suite 403, South Boston,

Hailing from Hingham and schooled in Maine, Emily Keneally presents an aesthetic that is classic meets pretty with a crisp twist. Think Michelle Obama or Jackie O. The founder of semi-custom clothing company Alice Walk (named for a spit of land 16 miles south of Boston) delivers impeccable options from her by-appointment-only studio in South Boston. Customers choose from 10 classic silhouettes — five dresses, two jackets, one top, one skirt, and a cape — made to order in any of the 15 to 20 textiles in stock, most from mills in France and Italy, many one-of-a-kind. She doesn’t plan to switch things up seasonally; rather Keneally, 31, will add new pieces to her evolving collection. Expect a vintage-inspired shirt dress and a reversible vest in the months to come.

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