My Instagram: Michelle Martin

Michelle Martin

Scrolling through 29-year-old Michelle Martin’s Instagram account (@michellekmartin) is a visual journey. Pinks, purples, baby blues, and dazzling greens are all featured prominently, serving as a welcome break from the heavy grays that can dominate some Instagram accounts. And it’s all by design, too, as the Jamaica Plain resident strives to include color in every picture she takes.

Q. It seems like you’ve developed a pretty defined aesthetic on your Instagram account. How did that come about?

A. I think when I started photography, I found that I responded to color really well. I really like finding color in shots and finding similarities, in terms of carrying that color over into a lot of my other photos.

Q. From a photography perspective, what do you think is unique about Boston?

A. I definitely think it’s the seasons. Living in New England and having such different colors at different times of year is really exciting. It’s also unique because we have the waterfront, the hard city vibe, but then you can go a mile outside the city and be surrounded by nature. The Arnold Arboretum is a great spot for me, since I go for more landscape nature shots than the downtown city shots anyway.

Q. On the other hand, does Boston pose any challenges to you when you’re out shooting?


A. I think it can be hard to focus on your brand because there’s so many different ways to photograph. Being in a city is really exciting, but trying to put your brand and spin on every picture can definitely be a challenge. I usually look to frame my pictures in a way that includes color, and light is a big part of that, finding the time of day when you can shoot with a softer light.

Q. Your bio says you started as a food photographer. How did you transition from that into more lifestyle photography?

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A. So I worked as an intern for a food blog a few years ago, and while working there I just got interested in trying out different things and branching out. Over the years I’ve done a few weddings, and I really love doing travel photography. I went to Ireland last year and that was hands-down my favorite.

Q. What do you like or dislike about Instagram as a photographer?

A. I think it’s a great place to connect with people and get inspiration. But on the flip side, it’s really easy to compare yourself to other people and question your own style, because there are so many photographers out there doing really good work.

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