When the New York Times reported late last week on the compensation 42-year-old Yahoo! chief executive Marissa Mayer has received during her five-year tenure with the company, it provided no shortage of eye-popping numbers.

Of all the figures included in the piece, however, none stood out quite like this one: $900,000 — as in the amount Mayer made per week. A good chunk of that is based on Yahoo’s stock price, which has more than tripled while she’s been at the helm. According to the Times, Mayer will exit the company having made about $239 million.

In fairness, many of the country’s top CEOs walk away from the corner office with stunning compensation packages. But as a young, female CEO in the male-dominated tech sector, Mayer has drawn more attention than most.


To help put Mayer’s $900,000 weekly compensation into perspective, we put together a list of some of the things you could do with just one week’s pay:

You could buy 31,034 Maine lobster rolls from Neptune Oyster, 69,230 14-inch margherita pizzas from Upper Crust, or 900,000 regular donuts from Dunkin’ Donuts.

You could pay off your Netflix subscription for the next 9,386 years.

Over on Amazon, you could buy 53,571 copies of David Ortiz’s new book, “Papi: My Story,” in hardcover — or 56,285 copies for Kindle.

You could pay for four years of tuition at Harvard University ($43,280 in 2016-17) and still have $726,880 left over for a Harvard hoodie and maybe some groceries and stuff.

If you were able to talk the dealer down, you could get behind the wheel of a Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta, one of the world’s most expensive cars (reportedly $1.4 million). Or, if you wanted to slum it, you could get 10 2017 Range Rovers.

If real estate’s your thing, you could buy yourself a bona fide mansion in most parts of the country — or a really ordinary one-bedroom apartment in the city of Boston.


Up until recently, you could have gotten nine memberships to President Donald Trump’s “winter White House,” Mar-a-Lago. But since initiation fees doubled following his election as president, you could only manage half that now.

Based on preliminary online research, it appears you could buy anywhere from 26 to 39 black-market elephants.

At the end of the day, however, you could always spend it on someone else. You could take 22,783 of your closest friends on a Boston Duck Tour. Or send 63,000 or so strangers to see the new “Wonder Woman” movie at the AMC Loews Boston Common.

Heck, if you wanted to, you could even purchase 120,000 DVD copies of the Academy Award-winning movie “Spotlight,” which we at the Globe hear is just a splendid piece of filmmaking.

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