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Inga Sergienko

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Clean, crisp, bright, and bubbly — scrolling through Inga Sergienko’s Instagram account (@blondefind) is as refreshing as drinking a glass of sparkling rosé. The 29-year-old Florida native now resides in Cambridge and created her feed full of little delights last November. Now with more than 8,800 followers, her photos — from beach-cove getaways to blush-colored tulips resting on a white marble countertop — give color-coordinated glimpses into her life in the city and travels beyond.

Q. How did you first get into photography and Instagram?

A. Photography has always been an interest of mine, ever since I was young. Growing up in Florida and then moving to Boston about five years ago, I have really learned to appreciate the four seasons in New England. I just recently graduated from a master’s program, so as a student, going out and taking photos between library breaks was a great way to unwind. I joined Instagram around when it first came out and always had a personal account and then decided to create this new account to share all the things that I love. It’s been really rewarding to know that something I really care about and enjoy doing, other people have responded to as well.

Q. How did you choose the name @blondefind?


A.I originally started out as @blondeinbeantown, but then I found myself traveling more and sharing photos I was taking on vacation, so it didn’t really make sense to brand myself as just being in Boston, even though that’s where the majority of my photos are taken. So, as I tried to think of something different to relate to the content I was putting out, I kept saying that what I was trying to accomplish most was sharing the things I was finding in Boston and in other places. So, that’s how I chose “blondefind.”


Q. How do you set up a photo? And several of your photos feature you as the subject. Who is taking the picture?

A. I try to take photos in the daytime, as I really like bright and airy photos. At first I was shy about asking strangers to take my photo if I’m out somewhere by myself, but usually, people are very nice and willing, and it often sparks a conversation and people are intrigued as to what I’m up to. Most of the time, I’m very lucky to have my incredibly supportive boyfriend, Kevin, with me. He’s really creative and will say “Hey, let me take your picture here” without me even having to ask.

Q. Where do you see Instagram taking you in the future?

A. I’m a recent marketing graduate student, and I’m working in event management, so I would love to take the experience I’m getting from starting a website, creating content and my understanding of social media, and take it to my full-time career. I’d love to combine my event-management job with my social media and see where it takes me.

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