Malden-based interior designer Molly Pidgeon announced Wednesday that she’ll be featured on an upcoming episode of HGTV’s show “House Hunters Renovation.”

Pidgeon is the owner of two companies: Ironwood Design Build, a commercial construction company, and House of Dietrich, a design firm. Her store is online but she sources antiques and custom furniture pieces out of her Malden office.

Pidgeon has been interested in interior design since high school. Sometimes when her mother would go away for the weekend, she’d come back to Pidgeon redecorating her bedroom or even repainting the walls.

“It was kind of just a natural knack for me to want to create space,” said Pidgeon.


She was connected to the show by her friend Alexa Nicholls, who had gone through the interview process with her husband for the original “House Hunters” show. After that didn’t work out, Nicholls purchased a home in Charlestown in December and had asked Pidgeon to help her renovate.

Nicholls decided to reach out to HGTV again and asked if they would be interested in including Pidgeon for the renovation portion of the episode. After submitting a video application and going through a week and a half of interviews, Pidgeon was given the green light.

“You put yourself out there,” Pidgeon said. “I sent it out and then radio silence, and I’m like, ‘Oh my god, do they like me?’ You don’t know whether they’re gonna, like, call you back.”

Once filming began, Pidgeon had to get used to doing her job in front of a camera crew, which felt “a little awkward” for her at first.

“They’d tell me not to be so serious like my delivery of things or you know trying not to be so technical, and I kind of felt like it’s just funny to kind of have to think about what you say for an audience,” Pidgeon said. “So that was kind of awkward in and of itself just trying to navigate how they want you to be a little more, I don’t know, approachable or something.”


But now that the project is done after five months of filming, Pidgeon said she’s looking forward to enjoying the space not as a designer, but as one of Nicholls’s close friends.

Pidgeon said, “It was great working with Alexa.... It’s great to work with a client that you really get their taste and style, and it’s a place that I’m going to get to see a lot.”

The episode is expected to premiere some time this fall, but the time and date have not been released yet.

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