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Hey trick-or-treaters, how about a salad for your sweet tooth?

Photo by Claudia Catalano

A friendly Halloween prank put sugar addicts in a panic when a Photoshopped image of a Dole “Mini Salad” — the perfect size for trick-or-treaters — gained Internet attention.

Adam the Creator, the founder of a New York City-based creative agency, posted the photo on his Instagram account on Oct. 15 with the caption, “I would legit call the cops on any house that gave these out.”

Let’s just say: People freaked out a little.

But when Dole caught wind of the prank a few days later, they made it clear to candy lovers everywhere: These mini, healthy options aren’t real yet, and they certainly won’t ruin your Halloween.


They joked, too. Why stop at mini salads?

“Fun size portions of pineapples, broccoli, carrots, and celery would be the perfect serving of fruits and vegetables for a growing kid,” they wrote in a letter to Adam, signed by Richard Jacobs, the company’s vice president and division general counsel.

Dole posted the letter on Twitter and included a photo of their comedic proposals of other “fun size portions.”

They also made it clear to Adam that they’d appreciate him asking permission to use their trademarks on pranks in the future.

“On a serious note, although we always appreciate being included in any conversation around bringing more fruits and vegetables into everyone’s diets, we’re certain you didn’t get our permission to use our trademarked intellectual property,” Jacobs wrote.

“With Halloween just around the corner, we don’t want to give you too bad a fright,” Jacobs added later. “Normally, we would insist that you take your images down or else I and our more formal and scary hired-gun lawyers would come and take all your candy away. In the ‘treat’ spirit of the season, though, we just ask that you please contact us in advance if you wish to use any of our trademarks in the future.”


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