My Instagram: Lex McDermott

Photos by Lex McDermott/Instagram

By Kaitlyn Locke Globe Correspondent 

Bright and bursting with color, the Instagram feed of Lex McDermott is as lovely and vibrant as the floral arrangements she creates. Born in Bangkok, she came to Massachusetts to attend Emerson College. Now, the 32-year-old server and “artsy person at heart” resides in Lowell and documents her floral designs and other artwork online at @lexmcdermott. Special appearances by her 1-year-old pug Morgan Freeman (who also has her own Instagram account) are frequent.

Q. When did you get your start doing floral arrangements?

A. A couple years ago, I was asked to decorate and provide florals for a wedding. Not having any experience in wedding and event planning, I said sure — it’s going to be like a huge art project, multiplied by 10. That’s when I found a flower farm in Upton and I’ve been a loyal customer ever since. Doing flowers awakened a different artistic side that I’ve been pursuing through education, arrangements, anything I can absorb. I’d like to make it a serious career path.

Q. How does your Instagram help you in that goal?


A. Being an artsy person, I used to show projects I was working on, but flowers have since taken over. It’s a nice way to document and put a time stamp on your progress as a floral designer. I can look back and say, “That looks a little basic.” I can see where I’m refining different aspects of a floral arrangement — it’s interesting to see the evolution. I don’t really use it for advertising, but sometimes I’ll get a message asking me to make an arrangement. It’s a nice way to show off while being shy at the same time.

Q. You also showcase a lot of illustrations on your account?

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A. I started drawing when I was really little, and it’s just a part of me I’ll never stop doing. Any kind of writing implement I can get my hands on — I’m always creating something. I’ve done some ink illustrations of my friends, and a couple years ago I did one of Chloë Grace Moretz, which she reposted to her account. Emma Roberts also asked me to do one of her.

Q. Did that affect the way you used Instagram?

A. It did for a little bit. As a jack of many different artistic mediums and the king of none, it’s hard for me to promote one thing because I’m always finding something else that’s interesting to learn. That winter when we were buried under eight feet of snow, I taught myself how to needle felt, which I’d never thought of doing.

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