Bird sightings on Cape Cod


Recent bird sightings on Cape Cod (as of Dec. 26) as reported to the Massachusetts Audubon Society.

Sightings from Race Point in Provincetown included an Atlantic puffin, a Pacific loon, 2 great shearwaters, 104 common murres, a thick-billed murre, 125 razorbills, a dovekie, a black guillemot, a pomarine jaeger, 225 black-legged kittiwakes, 12 Iceland gulls, 2 merlins, and 4 snowy owls.


The boat-based Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary Christmas Bird Count was held on the 19th, producing 6 Northern fulmars, 9 pomarine jaegers, 138 dovekies, 32 common murres, 19 Atlantic puffins, 178 black-legged kittiwakes, and 2 Iceland gulls.

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Highlights from the 126 species recorded on the Mid-Cape Christmas Bird count on Dec. 23, spanning from Sandwich to Dennis, included a Eurasian wigeon, 3 Northern shovelers, a blue-winged teal, 2 harlequin ducks, 2 Barrow’s goldeneye, an American woodcock, a long-eared owl, 2 Eastern phoebes, a house wren, an ovenbird, a Baltimore oriole, and a seaside sparrow.

Other sightings around the Cape included a rose-breasted grosbeak, a black-headed gull, and a Forster’s tern in Woods Hole, a blue-headed vireo in Bourne, a white-eyed vireo in Hyannis, a great egret in Chatham, 2 semipalmated plovers in Orleans, and a rough-legged hawk at Corn Hill Beach in Truro.

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