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The Seaport gets a (swanky) multiplex

The Seaport has everything else — so why not a movie theater? That moment officially arrives on Feb. 8, thanks to ShowPlace ICON at the One Seaport complex. And in true neighborhood fashion, it’s deluxe: Heated recliners! Gourmet snacks! Alcohol! And, yes, movies, too.

The new theater — it’s already screening films, just make sure to check listings before you go — houses a sit-down lounge complete with an in-house chef preparing shrimp tacos, ponzu salmon, and pierogies. To drink? Maybe a sidecar, or perhaps local beer like Wormtown or Clown Shoes. Or peruse a concession menu with nonstandard movie fare like crème brûlée. Move over, teens serving questionable nachos.


There are local touches, too: In partnership with Artists for Humanity, the cinema collaborated with several Boston artists on black-and-white photography of local landmarks from classic hometown movies like “Spotlight” and “Good Will Hunting.”

One more reason to relax: Shows after 6 p.m. are 18 and over, so don’t worry about cranky children spoiling your date night.


Kara Baskin can be reached at kara.baskin@globe.com.