Northeastern student predicts win for Pats, gets tattoo. Social media calls him a ‘jinx’

Boston, MA - 2/1/2018 - Patriots fan Eddy Ferrini shows off the tattoos he has on back to commemorate each of the team's Super Bowl victories, including the upcoming game which has yet to be played let alone won, at his home in Boston, Feb. 1, 2018. Ferrini is so certain the Patriots will win the Super Bowl 52 he had it tattooed to his back before knowing the final outcome. (Keith Bedford/Globe Staff)
Keith Bedford/Globe Staff
Patriots fan Eddy Ferrini shows off the tattoos he has on his back to commemorate each of the team's Super Bowl victories -- including the upcoming game which has yet to be played, let alone won.

There is no room for doubt in the mind of 21-year-old Patriots fan Eddy Ferrini.

He is already basking in the glory he believes is to come Sunday when he predicts -- scratch that: he expects -- the New England Patriots to win a sixth Super Bowl.

Ferrini is so sure the team will emerge victorious over the Philadelphia Eagles that he immortalized the moment on his skin a week before the game, tattooing a stack of six Roman numerals on his back.


“I’ve wanted to get the Roman numerals of the Super Bowls for a long time now,” Ferrini wrote over instant message. He got the ink at Iron Works Tattoo in his hometown of Portsmouth, NH. “And I think the Pats are a lock to win the game.”

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To be clear, Ferrini was born in Boston and raised in Southie. But his family moved north to the state with the “Live Free or Die” license plates when he was in fifth grade. His loyalty to Patriots, however, has never changed.

Diehard fandom aside, Ferrini may have made a mistake posting a picture of his new tattoo on Instagram.

The response on social media has been, well, mixed.

There was a bit of admiration, some good-natured ribbing from friends, and a whole lot of cursing. Superstitious members of Patriots Nation think the tattoo has all the makings of a jinx.


The Instagram photo has drawn more than 200 comments.

“It’s your fault if we lose,” wrote die.hard_pats, while michael.047 demanded Ferrini “LASER THIS [expletive] OFF NOW.”

There was a “Why man, nooooooo” from tmjbeauregard, a dramatic “What have you done” from jake_string and a solid “BRUH WHY” from patsarea.

Oh, and let’s not forget, “You buffoon. Just jinxed the entire team... ” from joshgrover603.

Ferrini has taken the criticism in stride. He isn’t the first to have this much faith. Others have gotten predictive tattoos and the world didn’t come to an end -- though sometimes (gasp!) their teams lost.


Regardless, Ferrini won’t apologize for loving his team as much as he does. Did we mention he said he hasn’t missed a Patriots training camp in 15 years?

“I just don’t understand why grown men and women actually believe that a fan getting a tattoo will have an impact on Bill Belichick and Tom Brady -- the two GOATS,” Ferrini said, using the shorthand for “greatest of all time.” “I don’t believe in any of that jinx or superstition stuff.”

This isn’t Ferrini’s only Patriots tattoo, by the way: He has TB12 inked on his right arm.

His friends think his new tattoo is “bold.” But mostly they think it’s hilarious, Ferrini said.

Ferrini says he is also trying to get last-minute tickets to the big game. In another questionable decision, he has sold off all his shares in a mutual fund to afford tickets, a flight, and a rental car. He’s hoping the Patriots we’ll give him a free Super Bowl ticket for his dedication. If not, he says he’s also fine with an invite to the post-game party.

“Hotels are too expensive so I’ll be sleeping in the rental car,” he said. “Since I’m pretty invested in this Super Bowl, I thought I would get the tattoo.”

And what if the unthinkable (for Ferrini) happens and the Patriots don’t win?

“If they lose, they’ll win next year -- so I’ll add on another ‘I,’” he said.

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