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Cape Cod is the fifth most expensive place in the US to get married, according to new survey

What’s the price of matrimony? A new survey by The Knot ranks Cape Cod as the fifth most expensive place to get married in the country.anyaberkut -

It’s expensive to throw a wedding — but prepare for some serious sticker shock if you choose to wed on the Cape.

In a new national survey by wedding website The Knot, Cape Cod ranked as the fifth most expensive place in the US to get married in 2017, up from sixth the year before. Couples spent an average of $55,000, according to the survey of about 13,000 members who said they married in the US last year.

Just behind Cape Cod was Rhode Island, where a wedding set couples back an average of about $53,000 in 2017, according to the wedding-planning site. For those looking to get hitched in Massachusetts, Boston was a better (but still pricey) bet. At 13th on the list, couples spent an average of about $40,000 on their nuptials.


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The most expensive place in the country to wed was Manhattan, where the average cost of a wedding skyrockets to $76,000. North and central New Jersey, Long Island, and the New York City suburbs of Westchester and Hudson Valley rounded out the top five list.

The average cost of a wedding nationally was just over $33,000, which was down slightly from the survey’s all-time high of $35,000 in 2016.

So, where is all this money going?

According to the Knot, the venue where the reception is held took up the biggest share of the budget, where couples spent an average of $15,000. After that, couples spent an average of $5,700 on engagement rings, $4,000 on reception bands, $2,600 on photographers, and $2,300 each on florists and the ceremony site.

The Knot’s survey did not include the cost of the honeymoon, which can run into the thousands of dollars.

Below is the full list of top 25 priciest places to get married, based on average cost:


1. New York – Manhattan: $76,944

2. New Jersey – North/Central: $62,074

3. New York – Long Island: $61,113

4. New York – Westchester/Hudson Valley: $55,357

5. Massachusetts – Cape Cod: $55,083

6. Rhode Island: $52,777

7. Illinois – Chicago: $52,332

8. Connecticut: $47,435

9. New York City – Boroughs Outside of Manhattan: $46,808

10. Pennsylvania: Philadelphia/Delaware: $46,211

11. California – Los Angeles: $44,142

12. Louisiana – New Orleans: $41,167

13. Massachusetts – Boston: $40,667

14. Florida – Southern: $40,634

15. New Jersey – South: $40,231

16. DC-Washington DC/Northern Virginia/Suburban Maryland: $39,465

17. California – San Francisco/Greater Bay Area: $39,329

18. Hawaii: $38,984

19. California – Santa Barbara/Ventura: $38,025

20. California – Orange County/Inland Empire: $37,050

21. Maryland – Baltimore: $36,305

22. Michigan – Detroit: $35,843

23. Pennsylvania – Pittsburgh/Southwest: $34,928

24. California – San Diego: $34,722

25. Illinois – Chicago Suburbs: $34,675

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