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Sam Dapper

Sam Dapper knows how to juggle a few things at once. After all, the 23-year-old artist from Dorchester is a musician, audio engineer, graphic designer, economist, videographer, and fashion designer — and those are just the titles listed in his Instagram bio. Dapper says he shares his work on Instagram (as @samdapper) with intention, posting when the moment feels right instead of trying to follow a schedule or theme. “That’s the beauty of it,” Dapper says. “You never really know what to expect next because I don’t even know what I’m going to do next.” The multi-hyphenate spoke with the Globe about balancing his time and his artistry.

Q. You wear a lot of different hats as an artist — creating music, designs, and videos as well as works that exist at the intersection of multiple talents. How do you balance it?


A.  I just go based off of instinct and feeling. Whatever I’m feeling that particular day is what I gravitate to artistically. Before I went to college, I had an interest in fashion, sports, and videography; I had already done a number of video projects just as a hobby, and that’s when I started studying fashion. It wasn’t until college that I got into graphic design and music. I just picked up skills and trades along the way.

Q. Is there any one skill that takes precedence over the others?

A. I wouldn’t say that any one thing is my thing. I feel like I’ve developed everything at a different rate, but I base all of my art off of feeling. That’s why I list all of those different skills in my Instagram bio — I didn’t want to just be seen as a musician, or I didn’t want to just be seen as a videographer. I want to be recognized as all these different types of art.


I’m probably most confident in fashion, because I’ve been doing a lot of it, and then videography. Music I just picked up recently, so I’m definitely still building on my confidence in music, but I would say that I have a love for all of it. Actually, I would say that music has been a driving force behind everything. It wasn’t until I started creating music and becoming reflective with my poems and my poetry that I gained a greater understanding of myself.

Q. What role does identity play in your art?

A. All my art is very personal to me. Especially nowadays, because art and social media are so intertwined, you have to be comfortable putting yourself out there, before an audience.

In many ways I see my Instagram as a personal diary, so I can look back and understand how I’ve grown, and see how I was feeling at that moment. There might be random captions or something on a photo that may not mean anything to other people, but to me I know exactly what it means, so I can look back and remember that moment and reflect on it.

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