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The pure pleasure of Puffworks peanut butter puffs


Across the world, there are many versions of peanut butter puff snacks. In Israel, it’s called Bamba. In Crotia, it’s Smoki. In Germany there’s Flippies. Here, one choice is the peanut butter puffs from Portland, Ore., company Puffworks ($4 to $5 for 3.5 ounces). The puffs are tasty and crisp on the outside and so soft inside they melt in your mouth. They are organic and gluten-free, and come in three choices: Original, produced simply with corn and peanut butter and a small dose of salt, or Honey. The third, Dark Chocolate, combines the creaminess of peanut butter with a sweet bitter taste of dark chocolate. They are as pleasurable to eat, and healthier, than some puffs dusted with cheesy orange. Available at Debra’s Natural Gourmet, 98 Commonwealth Ave., Concord, 978-371-7573; Good Health Natural Foods, 1630 Hancock St., Quincy, 617-773-4925; Down to Earth Natural Foods, 751 Kempton St., New Bedford, 508-996-1995; Roche Bros. locations, or go to