Looks like James Holzhauer just saved Tom Brady from having a berry interesting night — but that didn’t stop the Jeopardy champ from throwing a bit of, um, nightshade.

The New England Patriots quarterback, who has famously gone most of his life without trying a strawberry, took to Twitter Monday night minutes before “Jeopardy” aired in Boston to make a little wager: If Holzhauer — known as “Jeopardy James” for his winning streak on the show — lost that night’s episode, he would stream a video of himself eating a strawberry on Instagram live.

Brady is notorious for his restrictive diet, and his aversion to strawberries was made known during an appearance on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” in March 2018.


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During the TV show appearance, Colbert noted that Brady had said both that he hates strawberries and also that he had never tried them, asking him: “Which is it, Tom?”

“I hate the smell of strawberries,” Brady replied, as Colbert brought out a bowl full of the red fruit.

Colbert ended up coercing Brady into trying one, leading the QB to say: “Not that bad,” before pulling a disgusted face and declaring, “I did it. Mom, are you proud of me? After all these years.”

Fortunately, Brady was saved from a similar fate Monday. Holzhauer, of course, won the game that aired that night, bringing his earnings to $1.78 million over 23 games.

Brady seemed relieved at the outcome.

In return, Holzhauer threw some shade in Brady’s direction — or, some nightshade, to be more precise. The “Jeopardy” champ challenged Brady to eat a tomato, which falls under the vast category of foods the QB does not consume in his “TB12” diet, if he loses Tuesday night’s episode.


Hmm. Could there be something Holzhauer knows that we don’t?