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At the Met Gala, Karl Lagerfeld — and his problematic past — take center stage

The theme of this year's Met Gala is not a brand or a concept, but a person: Karl Lagerfeld. The designer, who died in 2019 at age 85, was known almost as much for his designs as he was for his own celebrity.

Mary Quant, fashion designer who epitomized Swinging 60s, dies at 93

The British designer revolutionized fashion and epitomized the style of the Swinging Sixties — a playful, youthful ethos that sprang from the streets of Chelsea.

Controversy, frivolity mark day one of Paris Fashion Week

The event’s first day wasn’t without controversy after Dior was criticized for inviting a Russia influencer sanctioned by Ukraine. Moreover, Schiaparelli was the subject of online ire for glamorizing trophy hunting after featuring a fake lion’s head.

Open-collar boomers ask nostalgically: Where have all the neckties gone?

More than a few older employees and retirees admit to nostalgia for a time when the tie signified a more structured, if slower paced, business world.

Inauguration Fashion

Inaugural fashion nods to political unity and American design

Before she strode across the Capitol dais on Wednesday to take her oath of office, Vice President Harris had already made a statement: one in brilliant purple. Several other guests at the inauguration also chose the hue, a rich blend of partisan red and blue.

Pierre Cardin, designer to the famous, merchant to the masses, dies at 98

Mr. Cardin's Space Age style was among the iconic looks of 20th-century fashion.


A new North End shop makes the case that sweets may indeed be the best medicine

Barcelona-based Happy Pills is a pharmacy-like setup that encourages customers to fill their own sweet prescriptions


Billie Eilish: Gen Z’s outrageous fashion role model

Swarms of girls and young women are smitten with the 18-year-old singer, who took home an armful of Grammys this week, remodeling themselves in her image.