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By only six votes, Oleana edged out Myers + Chang.

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Latest Food & Dining headlines

Oat milk makes its way into the everyday

Straw-colored, creamy, slightly sweet, it tastes, and froths up for a cappuccino, similar to cow’s milk.


Democracy Brewing endorses drinkability

The menu is pro-labor: there are beers called Suffragette Pale Ale, Consummate Rioter, and Workers’s Pint, the latter of which sells for a blue-collar price of $5.

Fennel-orange salad with pan-seared shrimp

The confident cook

Recipe: For the winter-weary, bright oranges and fresh fennel form a bed for seared shrimp

Winter stretches on. One way to get through it is to put some cheer on the plate, as in this brightly colored salad.

Like having your own personal chef (in a jar)

Pocket Garden Foods is serving up “not just pasta sauce,” made with 10 veggies and no gluten or nuts.

Spicy stir-fried baby bok choy and crimini

Recipe: Stir-fry baby bok choy with crimini and spicy gochujang

Little heads of baby bok choy range from about 4 to- 8 inches; you may need to halve the large ones.

Potato-crusted salmon with creamed leeks

Recipe: Serve potato-crusted salmon with a side of creamed leeks

Salmon, potatoes, and leeks are a classic combination that come together in this elegant dish.

Two slices of the Standard, made with red sauce, Parmesan, aged mozzarella, and fresh herbs.

quick bite

The menu is simple and the crust super-thin at Union Park Pizza in the South End

Joe and Maggie Sylva were passing by last year when they saw that a former pizzeria across from the Cathedral of the Holy Cross was vacant. They inquired, signed a lease, and rolled up their sleeves.

“We just don’t see any need to continue manufacturing those beers.’’ said Sean Mossman of COOP Ale Works.

More lenient state laws could mean beer makers cut off low-alcohol brands

Beer snobs are raising their mugs to a stronger brew in three states that once forbade grocers from selling anything but low-alcohol brands, and the changes could indirectly chill the industry in two others where such regulations remain.

Chef Jody Adams cooking while on safari in Africa. She’ll talk about the trip at an event at Trade.

hot ticket

At Trade, dinner and a travelogue with Jody Adams

What’s the next best thing to an African safari? Hearing about it from a renowned chef -- while eating exotic dishes inspired by her travels.

2017 New Balance Boston Indoor Grand PrixBoston, Ma January 28, 2017 Photo: Victah Sailer@PhotoRun 631-291-3409 www.photorun.NET

Your Week Ahead

Five things to do around Boston, Jan. 21-27

New Balance Indoor Grand Prix, Martin Luther King Jr. Day events, Harvard Square Taste of Chocolate Weekend, and more.

Pastitsio (foreground) and Simple Greek-Style Greens With Lemon.

Cooking | Magazine

Recipes: My big fat Greek casserole, pastitsio

A hearty cousin of lasagna, pastitsio adds unexpected flavors to meat, tomatoes, and pasta.


Scelfo opens The Longfellow Bar, and we say goodbye to The Living Room

Restaurant news you can use.

The Friendly Toast in Burlington, Mass., one of the chain’s five locations.

Friendly Toast offering free meals to furloughed federal workers

The restaurant chain’s offer extends to all five locations as long as the shutdown continues.

scotch egg

Dining Out

This is what an Irish pub should look like circa 2019

The James in Needham serves modern food and a good old-fashioned welcome.

By the Glass: Wines worth a pour between $12 and $30

Fizzy Italian pours offer refreshingly earthy effervescence

To fully enjoy these wines, gently invert bottles to reintegrate the creamy lees into the wine before opening. And because these are moderate in alcohol, you can remain light on your feet as you stride into the new year.

Sharlung Dolkar dishes up bhatsa marku.

A world away from her native Tibet, she celebrates Losar — the Tibetan New Year — with traditional foods

The Tibetan New Year starts on Feb. 5.

Pasta e ceci (Pasta with chickpeas)

The confident cook

Recipe: Pasta with chickpeas, once made the long way by nonnas, can be a quick pantry meal

This is one of those dishes you could make if you had nothing, using dried chickpeas, pasta crumbles left after cutting fresh dough, tomatoes from the garden. Make it today from the pantry.

Add avocado oil into your kitchen mix

The heart-healthy oil has a buttery texture and a mild, neutral flavor and doesn’t taste like avocado but rather adds depth to a dressing.

Q&A with the authors of ‘Did You Just Eat That?’

In their new book “Did You Just Eat That? Two Scientists Explore Double-Dipping, the Five-Second Rule, and Other Food Myths in the Lab,” food scientists Paul Dawson, Brian Sheldon, and a team of student researchers investigate nine myths about food safety and the spread of germs.

Kuhn Rikon is pairing its knives with some fun

The company is offering a limited edition of new designs in bright colors and playful prints that are just plain fun — pop art, funky fruit, and tropics.

Suzy Hays of Row 34

Getting Salty: A Q+A with Row 34’s beer director, Suzy Hays

Row 34’s beer director could live without IPAs.

A placemat with a Modern-twist

They have a silky soft feel like fabric, but are actually made of high-quality, food grade silicone.

Brown-butter pecan bars

Recipe: Brown butter, toasted pecans, and brown sugar give these bars a nutty, butterscotch taste

Browning butter before you stir it into the batter adds an interesting dimension to these bar cookies.

Braised beef with caramelized onions

Seasonal Recipes

Recipe: Caramelize onions, braise beef, then mix them together in this hearty stew

Caramelizing onions requires time, patience, and attention. Do it on a cold, dreary day when the only place you long to be is in front of your warm stove.

An artist’s rendering of what we can expect when the Time Out Market opens at the Fenway’s former Landmark Center this year.

Time Out Market reveals lineup of noted chefs ahead of spring opening

This won’t be your typical food court fare. Chefs who have signed on include Tony Maws of Craigie on Main, Tim and Nancy Cushman of Hojoko and O Ya, Peter Ungár of Tasting Counter, and Michael Schlow of Tico.

From left: Sean Cunningham, Jennifer Carp, and Joe Tormo dined at Durgin-Park in its final days.

Durgin-Park, a sassy classic, at 192. In lieu of flowers, leave a bigger tip

The Faneuil Hall landmark known for Yankee pot roast and salty servers died on Jan. 12.

Calvin Adams served a customer on Friday at Haley House Bakery Café in Roxbury. Saturday will be the last day.

Haley House cafe’s closing is a blow to Dudley Square

Haley House says the closure is temporary. It marks another chapter in the on-again, off-again efforts to revitalize the neighborhood.

06zofood - Pictured, left to right, are Bearco Bites co-owners Heather Reynolds and Melanie Thurston (Nick Cosky Photography)

Turning food into a guilt-free pleasure

Three local businesses strive to offer a delicious solution to the healthy eating conundrum.


Recipes: Three soups that show off the flavor and versatility of sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes do everything white potatoes can and more, in vibrant color.

01/04/2019 BOSTON, MA A group of friends shares a shot ski in the courtyard at Publico in Boston. (Aram Boghosian for The Boston Globe)

During the winter doldrums, Boston venues get creative to bring in guests

Restaurants and hotels are creating new immersive experiences to keep patrons coming year-round.

It’s getting more expensive to eat out at restaurants

Full-service restaurants, facing higher labor and food costs, raised prices the most in more than seven years in December

Diane Kochilas is the author of “My Greek Table” and host of a show of the same name.

hot ticket

Diane Kochilas signs copies of her new cookbook at Committee

Gluttony season is over. It’s time to eat lightly and healthfully — preferably with the help of a Mediterranean guru.

The Swig & Swine is a bourbon and barbecue joint on the Savannah Highway.

A stop at Swig & Swine was mighty fine

En route to the Charleston Tea Plantation, we had to stop in at Swig & Swine, a bourbon and barbecue joint on the Savannah Highway, if for no other reason than its name.

The Charleston Tea Plantation is on Wadmalaw Island, about a half hour south of Charleston. It is the country’s only tea plantation.

It’s always tea time in South Carolina

I recently made a pilgrimage to the country’s only tea plantation, which sells tea under the American Classic Tea label.

Rock shrimp tacos are just one of the offerings at Bartaco.

quick bite

Succulent tacos and cheery service at Bartaco in Boston’s Fort Point

Bartaco, which is run by the same group that oversees the Barcelona Wine Bar chain, offers some of Boston’s tastiest tacos.

Cambridge Ma 08/20/2015 Soupe de Poisson at at Shepard Restaurant .Staff/Photographer Jonathan Wiggs Topic: Reporter


A month of new ventures from Shepard, Bronwyn, and Craigie on Main teams

Luce will focus on Italian food, and COMB is the now-separate Craigie on Main Bar. Grab a burger.

L'Espalier chef/owner Frank McClelland in the kitchen of the Back Bay restaurant on Dec. 26. The renowned eatery closed days later.

Here’s a look at the Boston-area restaurants that have closed recently (or will close soon)

Several venerable Boston-area restaurants have announced they would close their doors in the last several weeks.

Perspective | Magazine

Is our obsession with healthy eating out of control?

From fasting to Paleo to meat-only diets, the way we eat has become more polarized than ever. But extreme eating doesn’t necessarily make us healthier.

Chef Mary Dumont posed for a photo in 2016 outside the space that would become Cultivar.

Cultivar restaurant in downtown Boston to shut its doors

The restaurant at the Ames Hotel is the latest in the city to close down, which its proprietor said was due to “unforeseen events that have created the perfect storm.”

An automated wok dumps finished food into bowl at Spyce in Boston.


19 food predictions for 2019

At the start of this new year, it’s time to look ahead. What’s in store for the world of food and restaurants? We predict more mocktails, closings, tahini, and women in charge — but maybe less sitting.

A worker poured wild blueberries into a tray at a farm in Union, Maine, last August.

Good news for wild blueberries in faltering No. 1 state of Maine

Growers in the No. 1 wild-blueberry state suffered another bad year, but agriculture officials say there are reasons to believe Maine’s historic and troubled industry is about to turn a long-awaited corner.

Butter miso noodles

Family Meal

Thinking outside the box

Miso takes care of parents’ pasta predicament.

Nina Festekjian

Getting Salty

Getting Salty with Nina Festekjian of Anoush’ella

Festekjian and her husband, Raffi, opened Anoush’ella Saj Kitchen to share their favorite childhood recipes with the South End. She has no professional culinary training; instead, she honed her kitchen skills cooking for three sons and throwing plenty of parties.

Anil Rayasam and Yuri Asawasittikit own Mae Asian Eatery.

What She’s Having

Her Thai mom taught her to cook and now she and her husband run a Cambridge mom-and-pop

Mae Asian Eatery combines specialties that Yuri Asawasittikit learned from her mother in Thailand. Her Indian-American husband, Anil Rayasam, joins her in this venture.

Farzan and Jen Dehmoubed are the owners of Lotus Trolley Bags.

A shopping cart system that sorts and saves

The clever Lotus Trolley Bag is made by a family-owned business committed to reducing plastic bag waste.

A cutting board that’s a cut above

What really makes the Fledge special is its size and the flexible, rubber rim that flips to create a groove for catching juices to prevent them from spilling over.

Double shot

Matt Viser | Double Shot

// The buzz on coffee and the people who drink it

Presidential coffee history, the Costco coffee habits of Michael Dukakis, and a journey for the perfect cup.