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// When tenderloin’s price is tough to swallow

Boneless pork loin offers flavor and value.

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// Where should you eat this week?

Check out the Globe’s reviews of dozens of Boston-area restaurants.

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Cheap Eats reviews

// Budget-friendly fare around Boston

There are dishes you can order for under $20 at eateries.

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How do craft beers get their names?

With so many new beers on the scene, brewers are getting creative.

An antipasti platter at Grotto.

quick bigte

A 25th over-the-top big night at Grotto

The feast is inspired by the movie “Big Night’ — and everyone dresses in ’50s attire.


Casa Verde opens, FoMu pops up, Journeyman lights a fire, and more

Openings, reinventions, and chatter from the restaurant scene.

Lobster salad with snow peas, mint, and lemon.

Cooking | Globe Magazine

These simple lobster salads would make a nice treat for Mother’s Day

Three recipes that are easy to prepare, yet worthy of a special occasion.

Greek salad with chicken at Effie’s Kitchen in Roslindale.

Cheap Eats

Effie’s Kitchen in Roslindale: a tiny spot with tremendous Greek food

From excellent avgolemono to overstuffed souvlaki, you will find it here.

from the bar

What wine to drink with an Italian swordfish dish

At Il Casale, this 2013 Vinosia “L’Ariella” Greco di Tufo is “loaded with all things Campania.”


With Roxbury cider, Artifact reclaims an apple that has history

The Roxbury Russet has the qualities needed to make great cider.

The tornado sculpture at Emerald Lounge.

Dining Decor

Emerald Lounge’s tornado sculpture clearly says ‘We’re not in Kansas anymore’

The establishment’s interior theme honors “The Wizard of Oz.”

Julia Child

Cooking With | Gordon Hamersley

Making omelets with Julia Child

She said: “Practice a bit, dearie, so it comes out of the pan just right!”

Dark chocolate brownies

Recipe for dark chocolate brownies

They make a major chocolate statement.

Quinoa with dandelion greens, mushrooms, and jalapeño-cilantro dressing

Recipe for quinoa with dandelion greens, mushrooms and jalapeño-cilantro dressing

A hearty, flavorful quinoa dish.

Miso glazed chicken breasts with sugar snap peas.

Recipe for miso glazed chicken breasts with sugar snap peas

A salty, sweet, tart, and hot spring supper.

Shells with peas, crème fraîche, and mint

Recipe for pasta shells with peas, creme fraiche, and mint

Tangy crème fraîche melts into a silky sauce for this quickly prepared pasta dish.

Leonor and Tiberio Lopes went from making bolo levedo in their Swansea home garage to producing the 3 Meal Muffin out of their Central Bakery plant in Tiverton, R.I.

From a family’s garage to the hands of celebrity chefs: a Portuguese muffin’s unlikely journey

Family-owned Central Bakery bakes some of the best bolos levedos around.

He makes Lazy Spoons, Spootles, and more

Handmade from wood, Jonathan’s Spoons come in innovative designs

Padma Lakshmi


‘Top Chef’ host Padma Lakshmi talks about her memoir, ‘Love, Loss, and What We Ate’

On her bicultural childhood, being a supertaster, and the drink that saves her on set.

Lobster ravioli in brandy tomato cream sauce at Rino’s Place in East Boston.

Dining Out

Yes, Rino’s Place is the best. Too bad you can’t eat here. Thanks, Fieri.

When a restaurant is annexed into Flavor Town, getting a table can seem impossible. The Italian food here is worth it.

They’ll deliver ice cream sundaes right to your door

Open until 2 a.m., Scoop ’N Scootery in Arlington offers 16 flavors plus 40 toppings and homemade whipped cream.

Sheryl Julian's pork loin with Dijon-herb crust and spring vegetables.

The confident cook

When tenderloin’s price is tough to swallow

Boneless pork loin offers flavor and value.

Bobby Benjamin, a Rhode Island native, opened Louisville’s Butchertown Grocery last fall.

Food & Travel

Never mind the horses, Louisville pairs best with bourbon.

The Derby brings in the throngs, but so do the drinks. And where bourbon fans go, adventurous food follows.

Recipe for French-style omelet with asparagus, potatoes, and morels

Just like Julia Child would have made, and substantial enough for supper.

Kimchi that was fermented in a hand-crafted clay crock by Jeremy Ogusky.

Pear-themed art! Pear cocktails! At Somerville Open Studios, it’s Pearapalooza.

The event is a collaboration between artists and chefs.

The world’s most effective salad spinner?

Zyliss’s SwiftDry Salad Spinner. Because technology.

Festivus, and other cold-brew coffee for the rest of us

Commonwealth Coffee Co. specializes in cold-brew coffee.

Recipe for pork loin with Dijon-herb crust and spring vegetables

The cut takes less than an hour to cook.

By the Glass

This Greek grape almost disappeared. Its rescue led to some delicious wines.

With its highly aromatic profile, malagousia is now growing in popularity.

Rachael Ray visited Fox & Friends at FOX Studios on Feb. 17  in New York City.

Angry Beyoncé fans take aim at a wrong target

Instead of finding their actual target, Beyonce’s fan base landed on poor Rachael Ray.

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

In Pennsylvania, like New York, Clinton plays up her local ties

She ended a busy day Friday with a raucous rally Friday night before 1,200 people


Recipes: A taste of North Africa with spring vegetable tagines

Fennel and artichokes take beautifully to hallmark ingredients like dried fruit, harissa, and preserved lemon.

In a dining room partitioned by bamboo and wicker, nude diners will be afforded some privacy at Bunyadi, opening in June.

London’s first nude restaurant has a waiting list 16,000 names long

If there’s one person qualified to tout the benefits of dining in the nude, it’s Seb Lyall.

The Forest Hills Burger, onion rings, and hot dog at Grass Fed.

Quick Bite

At Grass Fed by Forest Hills, burgers and shakes for all

Plain old ice cream for the kiddies; boozy versions for the olds.

Smoked por belly at East Coast Grill.


East Coast Grill will rise again, jm Curley reopens, and Juice Press comes to town

Openings, closings, and chatter from the restaurant scene.

Jeremy Parzen


Just don’t call Franciacorta ‘Italian Champagne’

While Franciacorta is crafted in the same manner as Champagne, and uses the same grapes, including chardonnay and pinot noir, that’s where the similarity ends.

The story behind Brasserie Jo’s chic mural

It depicts 1920s gay Paris.

Ron Savenor of Savenor’s Butcher & Market.


Savenor’s Market — a go-to for Julia Child — now at Fenway

The Cambridge shop known for its whole-animal butchery has become the official butcher and meat supplier of Fenway Park.

A burger comes served with “charcoal aioli” at Bukowski’s Tavern.

Charcoal on the menu? You bet your ash.

In some of Boston’s most popular restaurants, charcoal and ash are on the menu.

How to make Banyan’s Odd Job cocktail

Using shochu, it’s like an Asian spin on a crisp Manhattan.

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder drinks a glass of water as he testifies before a House Oversight and government Reform hearing on

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder promises to drink Flint water for 30 days

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder pledges to drink filtered Flint water for 30 days.

Fried artichokes

Recipe for Passover fried artichokes

This dish from the old Roman Ghetto is a popular addition to the holiday table

Chili jam clams with milk toast at Tiffani Faison’s Tiger Mama.

dining out

Chef Tiffani Faison’s Tiger Mama: in with a roar

The menu at the Southeast Asian-inspired restaurant reads like an umami obstacle course.

Roast chicken panzanella with spring onions

Recipe for roast chicken panzanella with spring onions

A meal that feels both indulgent and light, perfect for the changing seasons.

A Great Lakes carp is cut into sections at Wulf’s Fish Market in Brookline.

Why homemade gefilte fish is becoming an endangered species at Passover

The required blend of pike, carp, and whitefish is increasingly hard to come by.

Maple cinnamon matzo granola

Recipe for Passover matzo granola

Maple and cinnamon flavor matzo’s blank canvas.

Passover flourless chocolate cake

Recipe for Passover flourless chocolate cake

Think intense souffle rather than dense fudge bomb.

Passover matzo “lasagna” with mushrooms and feta

Recipe for Passover matzo ‘lasagna’ with mushrooms and feta

Matzo has never acted so much like pasta before

Five-spice carrot soup with ginger snap peas

Recipe for five-spice carrot soup with ginger snap peas

It’s subtly sweet with a crisp, fresh garnish.

Double shot

Matt Viser | Double Shot

// The buzz on coffee and the people who drink it

Presidential coffee history, the Costco coffee habits of Michael Dukakis, and a journey for the perfect cup.