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Short Orders

Sepal’s Middle Eastern fare freshens up Longwood

A busy lunchtime crowd surrounds Sepal.
One house specialty is falafel, which can come as an entree plate.

The lunch queue at the two-month-old Sepal in the Longwood Galleria food court is constant. This is the third location for Sepal owner Walid Masoud, who in the past has opened and closed several restaurants. The eatery’s freshly made Middle Eastern items seem to be a welcome departure from the fast food outlets that surround the stall. There’s a selection of wraps ($5.35 and $6.95), entree plates ($7.25), and vegetarian sides of legumes and rice ($2.75 to $6.25). One specialty of the house is falafel - baked or fried crispy chickpea balls that are bright green from ground herbs and vegetables. They come rolled in pita with a salad and thick hummus, or as an entree, with brown rice, sauces, and salad. Masoud is on a mission to bring healthy, well-priced foods to a broader market. “I want to change the face of the food court,’’ Masoud says. He just might. Sepal locations at Longwood Galleria, 350 Longwood Ave., Boston, 617-277-3500, CambridgeSide Galleria, 100 CambridgeSide Place, Cambridge, 617-494-0243; and Lobdell Student Center at MIT, 84 Mass. Ave., Cambridge, 617-324-5568.