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At Armenian Market & Bakery, pizzas and more

Armenian Market & Bakery owner Jirair Cinar cooks up lamejun.Erik Jacobs for the Boston Globe
A lahmajun roll-up, made with beef, tomato, onion, turnips, and tahini sauce rolled in an Armenian pizza.Erik Jacobs for the Boston Globe/Globe Freelance

The awning reads “Armenian pizza” in capital letters. These freshly made lamejun ($2.25 each, 12 for $16.99) start with thin dough, which is topped with ground beef, slivers of vegetables, and herbs. They’re served right from the oven with a lemon wedge. The 10-inch rounds are bright stars at Armenian Market & Bakery, which opened in January across from the Watertown Mall. When you need to take a break from Best Buy and Target, the market offers tender schwarma and kebabs, packaged Middle Eastern foods, prepared dishes, and friendly hospitality. Basterma manaeesh ($5.99) is another pizza-like round, this one with shavings of spiced and cured dried beef arranged on cheese. If you ask, owner Jirair “Jerry” Cinar, an Istanbul-born Armenian, will break an egg onto the topping for a sunnyside-up effect. Eat this, lamejun, sesame-topped tahini bread, and other specialties in the small cafe or at an outdoor patio, coming soon. Armenian Market & Bakery, 23 Elm St., Watertown, 857-228-3014. NANCY KALAJIAN