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Budget for these menus: $7 day

Budget $7 (weekDAY)

Breakfast Cereal with milk, half
banana, and coffee (75 cents)

Lunch Tuna salad sandwich (with chopped carrots, peppers, onions, mayo), edamame; instant lemonade iced tea ($1.60)

Dinner Apple pork chops with mashed potato and kale ($2)

Budget $7 (weekDAY)

Breakfast Banana, yogurt, granola bar, coffee ($1.10)

Lunch Leftover tuna salad mixed with macaroni and shredded cheese; instant lemonade iced tea ($1.50)

Dinner Kale and bacon with fried brown rice, frozen mixed veggies, and an egg (76 cents)

Budget $7 (weekend)

Breakfast Bacon, egg, cheese, and avocado on toast, coffee ($1.25)

Lunch Kale-miso-tofu noodle soup with side of edamame; green tea ($1)


Dinner Fajitas with brown rice and beans ($1.20)