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Bings at Blue Ginger

At chef Ming Tsai’s Wellesley restaurant, a snack to remember.

Yoon S. Byun/Globe staff/file

China’s answer to the slider is the bing, except sliders are often lame and bings are awesome. You can head to Flushing, the neighborhood in Queens, New York, to try these stuffed flatbreads. Or you can head to Wellesley, where chef Ming Tsai offers his version on the lounge menu at Blue Ginger. In addition to a more traditional filling of pork with ginger and scallions, you’ll find roast duck, a vegetarian version with garlic chives and tofu, and blue cheeseburger with bacon. These savory mixtures go inside a dumpling-esque skin. The creation is then cooked on a special bing griddle, resulting in a crispy, drippy, chewy snack.

BLUE GINGER583 Washington Street, Wellesley, 781-283-5790,

— Devra First