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You need this app to shop at an Asian market

There you are at the Asian market. So many bottles of fish sauce. Which one to buy? Click: Ingredients. Click: Fish sauce. Now: a photo of three crabs on a label. This is your Asian Market Shopper App in action ($3.99 at the Mac App Store, for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch). Created by noted cookbook author Andrea Nguyen, the app comes with beautiful photos and clear explanations. Search by region (east Asia, south Asia, Southeast Asia), ingredient, or in a limited number of recipes. There is audio for pronunciation and short how-to videos (cut lemon grass, make rice, clean crab). Some common ingredients are not included (cilantro) and after watching a video, the app quits and you have to reenter from the beginning. Annoying but not a deal breaker. With Nguyen, you’ll never again feel hopeless looking at that shelf of condiments. DEBRA SAMUELS