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Jewish cooks and their stories collected in a volume

“Recipes Remembered: A Celebration of Survival” ($36) is part history lesson and part cookbook, but reads like a novel. Author June Feiss Hersh interviewed Holocaust survivors and their children and gave them a platform for their dramatic stories. Accompanying recipes were often re-created from memories of watching a mother cook. Profits from the book are donated to the Museum of Jewish Heritage in New York. The book is organized into six regions: Ashkenazi Jews of Poland (who made kreplach); Austria and Germany (streusel kuchen); Belgium and France (cottage pie); Romania, Russia, Ukraine (summer borscht); and Sephardic Jews of Greece (okra and chicken stew). Each story ends with important information about the survivors, such as Peri Hirsch’s: “Felix and I are married 60 years; we have three children and three grandchildren.” Available at at DEBRA SAMUELS