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    Recipe for dried prunes and apricots stuffed with almond paste

    Dried prunes and

    apricots stuffed with almond paste

    These are quick no-bake treats that are easy to make. Allow 2 pieces of moist dried apricots or pitted prunes per person. You need almond paste or marzipan that feels soft when you press it (use 2 ounces for 8 pieces).


    With a knife slice the dried fruit almost in half, but leave it attached at one side. Roll a ¼-inch slice of almond paste or marzipan into a ball. Flatten the ball into a ½-inch disk and set it on one cut side of the fruit, so a little paste hangs over the edge. Press the fruit closed. Lightly dab the edges of the fruit with a fingertip dipped in water. Dip the edges into granulated sugar to coat them. If making in advance, cover tightly with plastic wrap. Adapted from Etienne Jaulin