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Golden Austrian mustard shines inside and out

Wenger Mustards from Austria in a tube.
Wenger Mustards from Austria in a tube.
Atlantic Importing Company

Opened jars of mustards are often lurking on the fridge door, or continually shuffled around to fit in staples. Solve the problem with Wenger Mustards, which come in space-saving, glittery gold tubes (7 ounces for about $6.99). The condiments inside also shine. The Austrian company has been making mustards since 1886 and has won international awards. These are made from organic roasted brown and yellow mustard seeds ground in stone mills; they come in flavors such as hot and spicy horseradish, mild and aromatic tarragon, and a fiery English. Might be time to clean out the fridge. Available at Dave’s Fresh Pasta, 81 Holland St., Somerville, 617-623-0867; Spirited Gourmet, 448 Common St., Belmont, 617-489-9463; Marty’s Fine Wines, 675 Washington St., Newton, 617-332-1230.