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Flame-friendly pizza stone also goes into the oven

David Bell

Grilling imparts a flavor to pizza that sets it apart from the oven-baked variety, but the appeal diminishes when the crust becomes charred and blackened before the cheese and toppings are cooked. Pizza stones constructed of composite materials cannot withstand flames, but a version by Emile Henry can. The French company, which makes colorful baking dishes and other cookware, offers a glazed, flameproof ceramic stone that can go directly on a fire or in the oven ($50 in black, red, purple, and
olive). The 14-inch round absorbs moisture from the dough while distributing heat evenly throughout the pie. Fashioned with large handles, the stone is more easily maneuvered than its conventional counterpart and transports directly to the table (it’s extremely hot). Or chill it and use to serve cold foods such as sushi. Step aside, burgers and hot dogs. Available at Macy’s, Bed, Bath & Beyond, and Sur La Table locations. TERRY HOLDEN