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The savor of real Italian ravioli

Charlie Mahoney for The Boston Globe

At Monica’s Salumeria in the North End, Italian ravioli (about $10.95 per pound, or 28 pieces) filled with rich, whole-milk ricotta, scamorza, and Parmigiano, have envelopes so thin you can see inside, yet they won’t collapse when you lift them on a fork. The house marinara has echoes of the hardy San Marzano soil where the sweet tomatoes for it are grown. Other ravioli fillings include veal and beef. Vegetarians might like the paste-like mushroom mixture, meat lovers the prosciutto di Parma, aged 24 months. If you’re putting together an antipasti, consider gorgonzola-stuffed dates ($16.99 per pound), which are smooth, creamy, and crowned with crushed almonds, or panzarotti, fried tubular croquettes filled with mashed potatoes and scamorza ($2 each). Monica’s Salumeria, 130 Salem St., North End, Boston, 617-742-4101. PETER COCCHIA