Food & dining

Being reasonable: Five rules for diners

Maurice Vellekoop for The Boston Globe

Hey, it’s only dinner. But even so, things can get tense at a restaurant when one side or the other misbehaves. Diners, here are five simple rules to help you keep your end of the deal.

Restaurant owners need to make a living. If you can’t keep your reservation, call, even if it’s at the last minute.

Other diners might not find your charming toddler as charming as you do. If your kid likes to cruise while he dines — or if he’s a loud baby — do others and yourself a favor and leave Junior at home.


Remember that servers are people, too. Don’t yell to get their attention (this happens) or mock them if they
introduce themselves before the meal; it’s probably a restaurant rule.

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The restaurant is not your home, so save the boisterous conversation and heavy canoodling for when you’re in private.

If you’ve got a problem with a dish, speak up — don’t suffer in silence and then rush home to post a nasty review online.