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Quick bite

An eclectic mix at Society on High

The pork dumplings at Society on High.Barry Chin/Globe Staff

Where to Society on High, the latest project from restaurateur Ian Just (Les Zygomates, Sorriso).

What for Lunchtime and after-work mingling in the Financial District.

The scene An eclectic mix of people has gathered on a Friday night at this modern bistro with deco touches. There are subway tiles and a curved marble bar, wood floors and circular mesh light fixtures. A small dining area is delineated by a stretch of striped carpet; vast windows offer a view. A classy solo drinker in all black with a bun nurses a martini. Two bros in T-shirts sip glasses of wine. A brunette in a white halter top bobs gamely to Main Source, Webbie, and Miguel, played at obnoxious volume. She sits with a blonde in a black halter top, a yin yang of hotness. Staffers hydrate from plastic quart containers. There’s a bike helmet on the bar. The baseball game is on. Everyone is looking at a cellphone.

Society on High's interiorBarry Chin/Globe Staff/Globe Staff

What you’re eating Fries appear to be the order of choice, but Society on High has more to offer when it comes to bar snacks: candied spare ribs, lobster rangoons, and pan-fried pork-leek dumplings, along with oyster po’boys, grilled clam flatbread, and more. Lunch means hot buttered lobster rolls on brioche, burgers, and salads, while dinner might be salmon with spring pea risotto or a grilled pork chop with peach relish, black-eyed peas, and collards.


Care for a drink? Only three out of six beers on tap are available this evening, but the Spicy Cucumber cocktail — vodka, jalapeno, cucumber, and lime — is spicy indeed.

Overheard People discussing their dating histories. People wrangling over what goes on whose check. Forty-somethings talking like 20-somethings. “Yo yo!” a guy answers his phone. Hockey talk: “It’s the best sport. It’s so intense,” a woman states. “What’s up, sexy?,” says one apparently straight man to another, then assures a lady friend he’s joking. A bartender kindly explains to a tipsy patron that he can’t serve her another drink. As soon as he moves away, she turns to a friend: “We’ll go somewhere else.”


99 High St., Boston. 857-350-4555. www.societyboston.com.

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