Serves 4

Jaime van Schyndel, owner of Dwelltime in Cambridge, says this cold brew coffee should steep for 18 to 24 hours. You need coarsely ground coffee beans and a cloth or metal filter.

5tablespoons coffee beans,
freshly ground coarser than for drip, finer than
for French press
4cups cold water

1. In a large glass carafe, spoon the coffee beans into the bottom. Add the water and stir vigorously.

2. Cover and refrigerate for 18 to 24 hours.

3. Stir the grounds once more; let rest for 20 minutes.

4. Set a cloth or metal filter over a bowl or pitcher. Pour the coffee through the filter.

Serve over ice cubes. The coffee will last 2 to 3 days.


Adapted from Jaime van Schyndel