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Daniel Bruce’s cookbook celebrates the land and sea

Daniel Bruce grew up in a three-room “camp” in rural Maine with no running water. He followed his father whenever he fished, hunted, or foraged for mushrooms to feed the family. Today, Bruce is an award-winning chef who hangs his toque at the Boston Harbor Hotel. He’s also founder of the Boston Wine Festival, which has spawned numerous clones nationwide. “Simply New England: Seasonal Recipes That Celebrate Land and Sea” (Lyons Press, $35), his first book, harkens back to his childhood. “I think there’s a simplicity to New England food, because of the history of being produced originally as one-pot dishes,” he says. The recipes include favorite holiday fare such as bread-stuffed baked acorn squash, roasted winter vegetables, and warm pumpkin Indian pudding. Available at bookstores.



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