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Mango salsa offers a medium mellow burn

For a different twist on that most popular condiment, try mango habanero salsa ($3.99 to $4.79 for 16 ounces) from Mansfield’s Laurel Hill Foods. Chunks of mango mellow the habanero’s kick for a medium burn. The salsa pairs with much more than tortilla chips. Spoon a dollop on broiled fish or add some to your weekend omelet. In addition to traditional salsa flavors, the company offers pineapple, peach, and tequila lime. Add a bit of sweet to your heat.   Available at Sagarino’s Market, 106 South St., Boston, 617-357-8855; Village Market, 71 Front St., Scituate, 781-545-4896; Crosby’s Marketplace locations.