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Scoop and stir with one handy utensil

To make the truly wonderful transformation from ground coffee and water to coffee in a French press, there is a scoop and stirrer from Frieling ($9.95). The company sells top-quality prep and serving products. This smartly designed stirrer has a scoop at one end and a spoon at the other. The 11-inch stainless steel handle, long enough to reach the bottom of a coffee bag or a French press, feels sturdy in your hand. The round scoop is for measuring the coffee and the spoon is for mixing the coffee with the water, called blooming, which extracts flavor compounds from the grounds. If the stirrer doesn’t bring out your inner barista, nothing will. Available at Kitchen Outfitters, 342 Great Road, Acton, 978-263-1955; Tags Hardware, 29 White St., Cambridge, 617-868-7711; KitchenWares by Blackstones, 215 Newbury St., Boston, 857-366-4237.