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Boyajian Pure Lemon Oil heightens the taste of food

When you open a bottle of Boyajian Pure Lemon Oil, the citrus fragrance permeates the air. The oil is cold-pressed from the rind of the fruit, and a 5-ounce bottle uses 330 lemons. John Boyajian has been producing aromatic and intense oils and vinegars for more than three decades. A perfect way to sample them is in a boxed set of three or four 1-ounce bottles. The Pure Citrus Oil set has lemon, lime, and orange ($11), all good for baking; Firebox, a 4-pack, includes the new smoky chipotle and scorching habanero oils ($9); the Fine Vinegar 4-pack ($7 to $8) offers deeply concentrated pomegranate vinegar, and a maple flavor that Boyajian was taught to make by an elderly Vermont woman. Use the oils and vinegars to heighten roasted vegetables and meats, a vinaigrette, or marinade. All you need is a dash or drizzle. Available at Salumeria Italiana, 151 Richmond St., Boston, 617-523-8743; Violette Wine Cellars, 1 Belmont St., Cambridge, 617-876-4125; A. Russo & Sons, 560 Pleasant St., Watertown, 617-923-1500, and