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For Marathon training, Forum’s Erinn Fleming makes her own pasta sauce

The Forum’s Erinn Fleming is running the race this year.
Pat Greenhouse/Globe Staff
The Forum’s Erinn Fleming is running the race this year.

As the director of events and marketing at Forum restaurant, Erinn Fleming is surrounded by food all the time. So it’s no wonder much of her Marathon training revolves around diet. “My trouble is with dinner. I usually work through it and eat late. But I try not do that — and to not eat the first thing I can grab,” she says.

When she eats has become as important as what she’s ingesting. The 40-year-old, who decided to run the April 21 race after finding herself immersed in last year’s tragedy when one of the bombs went off in front of the Back Bay restaurant, said fueling her body, especially for the long training runs, has been an exercise in itself. “Your body has to have all those nutrients available,” she says. “I’m a huge label reader and it drives my husband crazy when we go shopping because it takes a lot longer.”

Fleming, who lives in Halifax and is running for the Joe Andruzzi Foundation, typically starts her day with Kashi and coffee, then snacks on mixed nuts, fruit, or yogurt. She drinks water and green tea continuously. Dinner depends on her location. If she’s at Forum, she’ll eat a salad with cauliflower and white bean hummus, or a piece of fish.


Nights at home call for her own pasta sauce. “It’s not a glamorous dish, but it definitely satisfies me,” she says, “especially with the canned tomatoes without high fructose corn syrup.” Fleming says the sauce is her go-to Marathon meal, and she occasionally adds vegetable stock to make a soup version. “It simmers a little bit longer and I add more vegetables and tofu with the soup so it has more sustenance.”

She also says she allows herself a few indulgences — Cool Ranch Doritos, Swedish Fish — but can’t even think about junk food post-runs. “What you eat after is so important. I have to eat whole foods and as consciously as I can,” she says.

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