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Anypub, U.S.A. arrives at Audubon Boston

Essdras M Suarez/ Globe Staff

Where to Audubon Boston, a neighborhood restaurant and bar in the former Audubon Circle space.

What for Gently priced snack food from owners Beau Sturm, Jay Bellao, and Josh Childs with food by chef Suzi Maitland — the team behind Trina’s Starlite Lounge and Parlor Sports in Somerville.

The scene Anypub, U.S.A. There is little decor, save a chalkboard above the bar with a Tom Collins recipe and a couple flat-screen TVs. Skinny windows overlook Beacon Street — the better for people-watching. A young Peter Pan takes a street-side table, crosses his legs, and opens a dusty hardcover. Two women sip Bloody Marys through a straw. A man in a skimpy trench coat stands in the middle of the room, enduring a phone conversation with a tight smile, while a cherubic waitress ferries beer samples to a crowd of women wearing what appear to be painted-on jeans. Is it? Could it be? Yes, that’s Phil Collins on the speakers, singing “Another Day in Paradise.”

What you’re eating Grilled things: avocados, artichokes, burgers, a cheese sandwich stuffed with potato chips. There are also an assortment of salads, dips, and relishes, and “full fare” like turkey meatloaf available after 4 p.m.


Care for a drink? There are 10 house cocktails, each for a reasonable $10 (including a Tom Collins, logically). Beer is available on draft plus in bottles and cans; there’s also a nice roster of wines by the glass, most of which are $9. A bottle list is available on request.

Overheard Tales of domestic strife and restraint. “They have four kids! What do they do? Split time? And why show your face at a work event? I’m concerned,” says a middle-age woman who pauses just long enough to request a Tom Collins. “Do you want another?” “I really shouldn’t,” sighs her companion. “I’m going to a Mexican place later, and the drinks are strong.” “I need to save this table for five of my friends,” says a rheumy-eyed maiden with feather earrings, whose posse materializes much later. “Yes, yes, we’ll stay in touch, that’s for sure,” Skimpy Trench Coat Man sneers into his phone, clutching a canvas bag just a little bit tighter. A guy in a bulky beige hoodie hovers near his date. “We need to settle this,” he says, slouching onto his barstool. “You look great, all things considered,” says the Tom Collins drinker to her friend, taking a cautious sip.


Audubon Boston, 838 Beacon St., Boston, 617-421-1910,

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