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Veggie fries crisp, fluffy like real fries

New in the freezer case are Veggie Fries ($3.99 for 14 ounces), a mix of potatoes, vegetables, and beans, which come in carrot, broccoli, Tuscan bean and herb, and chickpea and red pepper. Bake them for about 20 minutes and they turn out the way we like our fries to be — crispy outside and fluffy inside. Wellesley resident Dave Peters thought of the idea when he was roasting vegetables and making french fries for a family dinner. “It would be convenient to combine the two,” he says. A food industry veteran, Peters tinkered with 300 recipes and hired a food scientist. When you have a hankering for french fries, these are a healthier alternative. Available at Sudbury Farms, 1177 Highland Ave., Needham, 781-449-9180; Wegmans; and Roche Bros. supermarkets.