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My Morning Cup

Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh spoke at the 44th annual Martin Luther King Jr. breakfast at the Boston Convention Center on Jan. 20. Dina Rudick/Globe Staff

My Morning Cup features the coffee rituals that most of us have. People from all walks of life — from US senators to ballplayers, subway drivers to college professors — have submitted entries that will run each day.

Here, we reached Marty Walsh through his office by e-mail.

Marty Walsh, 47



Describe your coffee routine. Where do you frequent, what do you like?

The coffee routine really depends on the schedule, but most days I get coffee from McKenna’s, which is right by my house, or from Doughboy in South Boston, which is on the way to City Hall.


Make or buy? If buy, where? What time? Do baristas know you?

Given the amount of time I usually spend on the road, I usually wind up buying my coffee. The women at McKenna’s certainly know me because I’ve been going there for years, but I genuinely enjoy trying different neighborhood coffee places and finding hidden gems around the city.

The timing depends on the schedule, but usually I grab one in the morning, and sometimes a second in the afternoon.

I’m also a big fan of espresso, but I reserve that for the really long days. Café Dello Sport in the North End has excellent espresso — very rich, perfect to pair with some Italian pastry. That’s a great location to stop and sit also, particularly when the weather is nice, because there is always a steady stream of people from the neighborhood coming and going, stopping to chat with the gentlemen seated out front.

What’s your order? How do you take it? (milk, sugar) Iced or hot?

I always go for a medium regular hot coffee. Cream and sugar, nothing fancy.

Alone or with company? Where do you drink it? Seated or on the go?

I don’t have much alone time these days, and I don’t have much “seated” time these days. Generally it’s on the go, with staff around me.


Any simultaneous noncaffeinated stimulation? (newspaper, radio, cigarettes, etc.)

Nothing specifically tied to drinking coffee, but I spend an inordinate amount of time on my iPhone, so I suppose that would be simultaneous stimulation.

How many more cups the rest of the day? What time will you drink your last cup?

Sometimes just one additional coffee in the afternoon, depending on how late the night will be. I try and avoid a cup after 6 p.m. or so.

What’s your stance on decaf?

While I appreciate the choice of decaf, I personally don’t typically partake. If I’ve had too much caffeine in a given day, I’ll opt for something else.

When and why did you start drinking coffee?

To stay awake! Isn’t that why everyone starts drinking coffee? I’ve been drinking coffee all of my adult life, and it’s less of an individual experience, but more of an integral part of my routine.

Describe the most memorable cup of coffee you’ve ever had.

If I had to pick one, I’d say sitting at the Imperial Hotel in Ireland, drinking coffee there with fresh cream. Incredible.

To submit your own My Morning Cup entry, e-mail Matt Viser at matt.viser@globe.com.