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Top 10 YouTube food-cooking channels

Laura Vitale of “Laura in the Kitchen.” Laura Vitale

The qualities that make a YouTube food-and-cooking channel a hit, and attractive to advertisers, are not due entirely to the number of video views or subscribers. The New York company OpenSlate calculates daily variables to rank the top YouTube channels. These include the chef or cook’s consistency in uploading new videos, engagement with audience viewers, and influence and social media reach beyond the video. The top 10 list provided here by OpenSlate was measured during a 180-day period ending Oct. 1. Channels that score 600 or higher represent the top 1 percent of YouTube, says spokeswoman Kate Ritchie. Mid-tier channels score in the 300-400 range. Laura Vitale’s “Laura in the Kitchen” (726) is the only US channel on the list. By comparison, America’s Test Kitchen scored 574, Helen’s Kitchen in Natick 336.

1Laura in the Kitchen” United States, score: 726


2Sorted Food” United Kingdom, score: 718

3Brogui” Brazil, score: 686

4Simple Cooking Channel” Australia, score: 674

5 Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube” United Kingdom, score: 671

6My Cupcake Addiction” Australia, score: 664

7Nicko’s Kitchen” Australia, score: 659

8Cooking With Dog” Japan, score: 655

9ochikeron” Japan, score: 652

10Cocina al Natural” Mexico, score: 633

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