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(Re)Zip baggies can be washed and reused

If you want a green kitchen, replace those ordinary plastic bags with the new (Re)Zip reusable storage bags from the Austin, Texas, company BlueAvocado. Made from chemical-free, food-safe vinyl, the sturdy baggie-like containers are hand-washable and leakproof with a double seal to keep food fresh. (Re)Zip Seal is good for snacks and sandwiches (two bags, each 8-by-4-inches for $7.99; two bags, each 8-by-7 inches for $8.99). Bags with expandable bases, called (Re)Zip Volume (two bags, ½ cup capacity for $7.99; two bags, 1 cup capacity, for $9.99) are useful for food, assorted items, like crayons or even makeup when traveling. You’ll feel good about doing your part for the planet. Available at Bloomingdale’s, 225 Boylston St., Newton, 617-630-6000, The Container Store, and Sur La Table locations, or go to www.blueavocado.com.