For nearly two decades, Barrington Coffee Roasting Co. was largely confined to the Berkshires.

Now their Boston invasion is continuing.

Three years ago, Lee-based Barrington Coffee opened its first store in Boston’s Fort Point, at 346 Congress St. A few days ago, it opened another store in the Back Bay, at 303 Newbury St.

The new store is brightly lit, with funky art on the walls. But the claim to fame is bound to be the Steampunk.

Yes, I know. It sounds like a fancy skateboard, or a move that Olympian snowboarder Shawn White might try to pull off.

But it’s a fancy coffee machine. And it’s still somewhat rare (Barrington Coffee founder Gregg Charbonneau believes he now has the only one in Boston).


The machine — which is manufactured by Salt Lake City-based company Alpha Dominche — makes it quicker and easier to do pour-over style coffees. There are four large glass towers, each programmable to a different kind of brew.

It’s basically a combination between a French press (combining water and coffee grounds, and then filtering) and a siphon brewer (a method that also combines water and coffee grounds but then extracts the coffee quickly using a vacuum of air and provides a cleaner cup).

The advantage here is that it can be done fairly quick. The machine also gives the type of control and consistency that a barista may lack. On the other hand, it takes away a little bit of the artisanal, personal nature of making coffee.

I haven’t tried the machine at Barrington Coffee’s location, but I have had coffee made from it at La Colombe in Washington.

I can endorse it. Not only for the taste, but for watching your coffee getting made in a glass tube.

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