Coffee, done right, is beautiful. The rosetta in a cappuccino. The glassware, the stainless steel, the porcelain cups. Not to mention farms, coffee cherries, and barista competitions.

I confess to overdoing it on my own Instagram feed. But coffee, and all that goes with it, can be quite photogenic. Here is, by my estimation, the top 10 coffee Instagram feeds:

Stumptown (@stumptowncoffee): One of the pioneers in the speciality coffee movement, Stumptown does one of the best jobs at showcasing equipment. A chemex. Profiles of roasters. Camping with coffee. It’ll make you want to go out and buy some new device to make your brew even better.


Coffee Cups of the World (@coffeecupsoftheworld): This is one of the more unique feeds out there. Started by a New York-based photographer, it is as the name implies: A showcase of coffee cups from around the world. It’s a simple idea — a picture of a 12-ounce to-go cup — but it highlights both the universal nature and the vast differences of this common drink. There’s the classic ancient Greek cup, served at delis all over New York, and then there’s the cup with Hebrew on it.

Barista Parlor (@baristaparlor): This is a great shop in Nashville, and its Instagram feed is as hip as its store. Coffee is still the centerpiece, but there’s also a fair number of motorcycles, trucks, and baked goods mixed in.

Asaf Rauch (@coffeestation_latteart): So this is mostly a guy in Tel Aviv who is making latte art. But it can be oddly fascinating watching a video of someone putting animals or a tulip into a latte.

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What other animals I should try and make?

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Men and Coffee (@menandcoffee): This is a fairly new development, but it has been fast growing and getting a lot of attention. It reportedly started a few months ago with a Canadian woman who was talking with her girlfriends about how good two things go together: attractive men and coffee. So she launched the feed, followed shortly after by a companion, Women and Coffee (@womenandcoffee). But for whatever reason there seems to be a lot more interest in seeing men with their coffee: That feed has 155,000 followers, nearly 13 times more than those looking for women and coffee.


Intelligentsia Coffee (@intelligentsiacoffee): This is coffee as still life. Next to a beautiful flower. Being poured out of a glass carafe. Or a tin can of beans sitting, for some reason, with some pinecones. The images are eye-popping.

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This is coffee.

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A Film About Coffee (@afilmaboutcoffee): This was a great documentary on coffee, and the Instagram feed captures love of the drink as well as the film did.

Four Barrel (@fourbarrelcoffee): This San Francisco-based coffee roaster has one of the best feeds for connecting the coffee to the farmer. The coffee cupping in Kenya. The coffee growing family in Guatemala. Or the rolling hills in El Salvador.

La Colombe (@lacolombecoffee): This Philadelphia-based coffee company has one of the funnest — and most varied — feeds on coffee. There’s its “pure black coffee” cold brew on a bridge. An empty bottle of its coffee rum. Or Taylor Swift walking down a street drinking from one of its cups.

Daily Coffee Sessions (@coffeesesh): They curate some of the best stuff out there, and ask users to submit potential entries. The result is a wide variety of photos from average folks.



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