Mother knows best, especially in the kitchen. This is true for the Mendoza Brothers, owners of Monica’s Mercato in the North End, and for their tomato jam ($5.99 for 8 ounces). The Argentine family’s matriarch is the recipe’s creator, and her sons continue the tradition of making a versatile condiment using the best quality local ingredients. The jam is available year-round but changes with the seasons. Right now, the family sources hothouse tomatoes from Maine, but come summer they will use up to five varieties of heirloom tomatoes grown around Boston. Patrick Mendoza suggests spreading it on toasted bread with mascarpone, or adding it to a pot of littlenecks and white wine. For an accompaniment to roast pork or poultry, he likes to mix a spoonful with salt, pepper, Dijon mustard, and white-wine vinegar. Available at Monica’s Mercato, 130 Salem St., North End, Boston, 617-742-4101.

Carlos Olaechea