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My Morning Cup

How does Fox’s Trish Regan take her coffee?

My Morning Cup features the coffee rituals that most of us have. People from all walks of life — from US senators to ballplayers, subway drivers to college professors — have submitted entries that will run most days.

Here, we reached Trish Regan, the anchor of The Intelligence Report on the Fox Business Network, by phone.

Trish Regan, 41

Grew up in Hampton, N.H., now lives in New York

After getting her start at WMUR in Manchester, the former Miss New Hampshire is now the anchor of The Intelligence Report with Trish Regan on the Fox Business Network. The show launches on June 1 at 2 p.m.


Describe your coffee routine. Where do you frequent, what do you like?

I drink coffee every single morning. I always drink the same kind: LavAzza. And I have a lot of sugar, and a lot of cream. It’s my one vice of my day; that’s the way I look at it anyway.

Do you make or buy?

I make it from the good old-fashioned pot. And I do that so I can always go back and have more. I don’t always go back, but I like having the option. I always drink it at home. I’m surrounded by my kids, so it’s a little chaotic. I have twins who are 5, girls, and a little boy who is 2. So they are very careful not to bump into me when I have my coffee.

When you’re making the coffee, you’re doing LavAzza, and using the old-fashioned machine. What kind of machine?

Gosh, I can’t even think of the brand of it. It’s pretty nice; we really like it. Maybe it came from Williams-Sonoma? We’ve had it for years and years. What I love the most is you can sneak a cup. So when it’s being made, you can get a cup and then let it continue making the rest of the pot. I usually don’t like to wait for the whole pot.


Do you ever buy coffee while you’re out? Or are you only making it at home?

I only make it at home. I rarely ever buy a cup of coffee. I might occasionally, on a hot summer month, have a Dunkin’ Donuts iced coffee. But that’s pretty rare.

So it sounds like you’re drinking it at home with your family.

I get up in the morning and the first thing I do is stumble toward the coffeemaker and make a cup. I’m reading my newspapers and usually soon thereafter my little ones come up. They’ll sit in my lap … So it’s kids, newspapers, coffee all together in the morning.

Where do you drink it? Seated or on the go?

I’ll drink it on the go. I’ll be running around in the morning and walking from room to room and carry the cup with me. I typically have one cup in the morning and then I always go for the refill. But I never actually drink it. I have it. It’s there. It’s my accessory. I’ll have a sip or two but I rarely can ever finish the second cup.

After that first cup in the morning, do you have any more the rest of the day?

Rarely. It’s very much a morning thing. I try not to drink coffee in the afternoon. Sometimes if I feel I need a pick-me-up before the show — and it’s starting at 2 in the afternoon — I’ll have a caffeinated tea.


So what time will you drink your last cup?

I’ve probably finished my coffee by 6:45 a.m.

What’s your stance on decaf?

I’m not a big believer. If you’re going to have it you might as well go all the way.

When and why did you start drinking coffee?

Ah. That’s interesting. When I was a teenager, I spent a summer abroad in Barcelona, Spain. And the family I was living with used to serve coffee and bread every morning. I didn’t want to insult anyone, so I said, “I’ll give this a shot.” I used to load it up with lots of milk and lots of sugar. It was basically like hot chocolate. I grew to like it during that summer. I’ve never stopped drinking it since — unfortunately still with lots of cream and lots of sugar.

Describe the most memorable cup of coffee you’ve ever had.

Oh, boy. You know, we spend a lot of time in New Hampshire, which is where I grew up and my husband was in school there so he’s very familiar with the state as well … I remember several summers ago being out on our boat on Lake Winnipesaukee. We had brewed some coffee and brought it out with us. We were there in the middle of the lake one early morning, no one was around. The water looked stunning; you can see the White Mountains in the background. I thought, “I wish I could drink it like this every morning.”


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