South Asian markets carry a variety of griddled and tandoor-baked specialties beyond naan, including stuffed parathas. These flaky, buttery flatbreads can be filled with potatoes, scallions, paneer, fenugreek leaves, or daikon. Typically sold frozen in packages of two or four pieces ($1.49 to $3.50), the rounds need to be toasted for a few minutes in a dry skillet. Add them to your Indian dinner, use them as snacks with chutney or Greek
yogurt, or as a base for sandwich fillings. Available at Shalimar India Food & Spices, 71 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge,
617-868-8311; Madras Masala Spice, 191 Harvard St., Brookline, 617-566-9943; Taj Mahal Desi Bazaar, 274 Broadway, Somerville, 617-764-3362.