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Stylish outdoor dinnerware


When the weather is warm, one of the joys of entertaining is that everything — food, cocktails, drinks, even your attire — is lighter and fresher. The dinnerware should be, too. Environmentally friendly, single-use plates and bowls from VerTerra are made in India from fallen palm leaves that would otherwise be burned, water, heat, and pressure. The recycled simple, stylish dinnerware ($12 to $25 for 25 pieces) is both elegant and rustic. Far sturdier than paper, VerTerra products stand up to heat — in the microwave for up to 2 minutes and a moderate oven for up to 45 minutes — as well as acidic or oily ingredients, and hot liquids. The all-natural plates and bowls are biodegradable and compostable. As its name implies, VerTerra, from “veritas terra,” is “true to the earth.” Available at .LISA ZWIRN